REVMo8 Payment Instructions

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Thank you for requesting a quote to activate your REVMo8 License(s). Please use this link:

and follow the payment instructions. Once we receive your payment confirmation, your REVMo8 License(s) will automatically be activated the next time you run REVIT. Here is the summary of your order and the total price:

Product:                              REVMo8

Number of Licenses:          [vHdr2]

Plan:                                   [vHdr3]

Total Price:                         [vHdr4]

Account Primary Email:     [vHdr7]

Customer ID:                     [vHdr5]

Order #                              [vHdr6]

Please make sure you enter the exact "Total Price" indicated above in the "Price per item" payment box. Keep your Customer ID and Order # for any future correspondence with us.

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